IA’s in-game token is called Token of Infinite Choice, with the abbreviation $TIC. $TIC is an [ERC-20] token. It is the principal token used for P2E and summoning. Players can buy $TIC through QuickSwap. It is important to note that Infinite Arcade does not sell $TIC to users directly.

$TIC will have a maximum total supply of 9T (9,000,000,000,000).

Infinite Arcade can decide to burn a certain amount of $TIC accumulated in the Treasury from various actions (i.e. summoning, tournaments). The burned amount can be minted later on to accommodate stakeholder initiatives.

$TIC Minting Schedule

Below is a representative $TIC minting schedule based on expected DAU growth rates for Infinite Arcade. Please keep in mind that the mint numbers for each year may change depending on the actual performance and growth of the project. Any amount that is not minted will be carried over to the following years.

We will also make sure to introduce new or shift existing mechanisms to have a healthy $TIC supply for all stakeholder rewards.


Max New TIC supply

Years 1-3


Years 4-6


Years 7-10




The In-game economy (Player Earnings)

Players can earn $TIC by completing levels in any of the games in the Infinite Arcade.

  • $TIC is only rewarded if the player completes a level, there is no reward for failed plays.
  • Rewarded $TIC for a level is based on the level's difficulty and average time taken to complete. This is to ensure that players continue to enjoy playing the game they like without worrying about other games bringing better returns. One should expect to make the same amount of $TIC in the same amount of time regardless of which game or level you play.
  • There is a two hour daily playtime limit to earn tokens. After this period, you may continue playing, but no further tokens will be rewarded. IA is designed first and foremost for mass audiences that like playing casual games which typically don’t go beyond this range of daily playtime.
  • Tokens will be rewarded to the user's account on the completion of every ten levels.
  • Players will receive the tokens accrued in their account every 14 days.
    Example: TIC you earn on June 1st will be paid out 14 days later on June 14th.


IA NFTs can be summoned to create new NFTs and the user only needs a single NFT to do so. An NFT can be summoned a maximum of five times. At which point, NFTs are no longer eligible for further summoning. It takes seven days for a summoned NFT to become available to play with, sell and summon.

The economy is designed to reward genesis NFT owners and sustain the $TIC price in the first 3-6 months before accumulating more $ARC tokens in the ARC treasury. Thus, during the first 3-6 months, the breeding cost will be fully paid with $TIC rather than $ARC. This would create deflationary pressure on the $TIC price.

To balance the economy, summoning costs will be updated and shared with the community if needed.

$TIC: $TIC from summoning fees will be sent to the Treasury and may be burned to be removed from the game economy.
$ARC: $ARC from summoning fees will be sent to the Treasury.

16,665 genesis NFTs will be minted for the sale. An additional 550 genesis NFTs will be minted for giveaways and the core team.


Infinite Arcade Governance Token

IA’s governance token is called Infinite Arcade Token, and trades with the ticker $ARC. It is an ERC-20 token. Its supply is limited to 3,000,000,000.

We will use $ARC to:

  • provide rewards to players;
  • provide earnings to creators;
  • enable exchange in the Infinite Arcade marketplace; and
  • decentralize ownership and governance of Infinite Arcade.

Token Sale

Followed by private sale rounds for financing, $ARC token will be available on decentralized exchanges through an IDO in H2 2022 and centralized exchanges following that.

Allocation and Unlock schedules

Allocation Type

Token Amount

% of Total




Investors + Treasury






Community Fund will be unlocked according to the below schedule with 6,000,000 $ARC tokens unlocked on Day 0. Please note that unlock schedules for Investors & Treasury and the Team are work in progress and will be updated here once finalized.


The actual issuance of our governance token can be slightly lower than the unlock schedule. The Community Fund will be issued according to the growth and the finalization of roadmap items even if the tokens are unlocked.

Revenue streams and Creator Earnings (game developers and NFT creators)

Revenue Streams:

These are the primary fees that Infinite Arcade treasury accumulates:

  • Sale of the first NFT collection (“Gamers”)
  • A 4% marketplace fee taken from NFT sales
  • Summoning fees

In the future, we plan to add new revenue streams such as micro transactions, DeFi functions and Arcade sales.

Creator Earnings:

  • Creators are an essential part of the Infinite Arcade ecosystem. Our aim is to provide additional revenue streams for them within our economy and to ensure they get a fair share for the work they put forward.
  • We also will align the platform and creator KPIs to foster synergies amongst all stakeholders, this could include platform user growth and content engagement.
  • According to the determined KPIs, creators will receive a share from the platform’s revenue streams. Initially this will be through minting an additional TIC amount for each game.
  • This is one of the priority areas for growth and will be initiated after the $ARC token lDO.
  • Below are the economy flowcharts for developers and NFT creators. There may be changes or additions once we go live and as we expand the economy.

Discovery - Arcades

As the IA ecosystem nears a certain number of players, Arcades will become available for sale for community members who want to operate them. Arcades are NFT based real estate like gateways that host, and channel, players to specific games. Existing Arcades will grow and new ones will be “discovered” as they attract engaged players (i.e. mining via “proof-of-fun”). Arcade owners will innovate by engaging and mobilizing player audiences to play new or existing games, optimizing the experience for earnings and engagement at the community level and supporting the community to discover the best games on IA. In return, they will be paid in the native currency by studios who benefit from the community driven growth. In addition to the sale of NFTs, this will form the foundation of IA’s second layer economic loop. Putting growth dynamics into the native economy will allow for value to be captured for all participants, as well as further financialization of this layer of the ecosystem, as growth itself becomes an asset registered on the blockchain.


What’s Next
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