What do you think will be the biggest difference and uniqueness of Infinite Arcade to other games out there?

  • We believe that there are 3 main aspects in IA which is different from other blockchain games:
  • Familiarity: games are your typical hyper casual and casual games. You don’t need hours of work to understand the mechanics.
  • Choice: there will be hundreds of games in our portfolio by the end of the year. So, you will not be stuck with one or two games.
  • Switching cost: It is quite hard to switch from one game to another on Web3. With us, it is just another app you download from the app stores. No hassle, same token, same NFT, and rewarding system.

What is the main goal of Infinite Arcade to its players, aside from being a P2E game?

  • We don’t want our players to be involved in this project just because of the P2E mechanism. That is a big lever of course, but hopefully it will be an ecosystem where you enter to play your favourite games, have fun, connect and socialise with new players.

How many games will we be releasing?

  • Plan is to reach 50 games in Q2, 100 in Q3 and 200 in Q4.

Where can we play these games?

  • On your mobile phones, games will be downloadable on both Android and iOS app stores.

Do you think that Infinite Arcade can fit into a wide audiences, like little children and adults can play it too?

  • Absolutely, these are your day to day snackable games. It appeals to a wide range of audience. Some games in particular might have certain age limits on app store. As long as you are aware and comply with those limits, everyone should be able to enjoy our games.

Does it require any ability or skills to be able to play your games?

  • Yes. Each game has its own unique mechanic and skill needs including speed, coordination, strategy, puzzle/logic.

What are the limits for earnings?

  • 2 hour time limit resets every day in 00:00 UTC timezone
  • 65 tokens per day max limit

How many different games within the IA ecosystem can we download? Can we earn at the same time?

  • Yes! You can download as many games as you like. There is no limit on the number of games you play to earn. You can also play multiple games within the day. i.e. one hour of Brick Builder and one hour of Rope Rescue

Given that there are some ads on the game that are use to boost or add skills, does it affect how much tokens we can earn?

  • No, in-game boosts are completely separate from the token rewarding system.

If there is only a 2 hour quota, and we clicked a 10 second ads for some boost, does the span of the ads eat up some of the seconds from the given 2 hours?

  • No, 2 hour is only for gameplay. Ads viewing times do not count. So, it is up to you to use those boosts.

Will my earnings be counted if I play and then suddenly lose internet connection?

  • Yes. When you're offline, play data is stored locally on your device and sent to our servers when you go online again. So, losing internet connection shouldn’t affect your earnings, you can continue playing.

Do different games on IA provide us the same amount of tokens or does it differ how hard the game is and how long is the time we get before finishing the whole level?

  • We want to create choice for our players and not favour any games in particular. Tokens are calculated for each level according to the average time duration of that level and its difficulty rate.
  • At the end of the day, you should be getting rewarded in the same way for your 2 hour playtime for each game.

If we failed a level on a specific game, are we still able to earn tokens?

  • Tokens will be granted only for the level that were passed successfully. So if you fail, you need to restart and pass that level to be able to earn tokens.

How will an IA game know that you already played another IA game in your 2 hours time window?

  • Play time is tracked on an NFT level, not game level. The first time an NFT is used for playing on that day (after the reset time which is midnight UTC), the 2 hour window starts and this is trackable on our end throughout our game portfolio.

Is there gonna be a leaderboard?

  • We kicked off our first Genesis Tournament Series end of May. Series will run until mid-August 2022. We will be running tournaments weekly and sharing leaderboards through our Discord channel. Reach out to our team from Discord for more details and how to apply.

As the game developer, can I add my games to Infinite Arcade?

  • Yes. If you are a casual or hyper casual game developer and interested in partnering, please reach out to us on Discord to discuss in detail.

How does the scholarship feature work?

  • Earnings and NFTs are managed from our Control Hub. You sign in with your wallet, as a manager or as a player. Managers can associate NFTs to specific Wallets or play on their own. NFTs will be at no point belong, or be transferred, to a Scholar; they will always exist in the Manager’s wallet. With our Association Contract, the Managers can simply associate the NFT with a Scholar of their choice. The Manager and Scholar both have the ability to revoke these associations, so at any point a Scholar can stop working with a Manager and vice versa.
  • Earnings from playing with the NFT will automatically be sent to the Manager’s and Scholar's wallet at the payout day according to the percentages set by the Manager through the Hub.

How can we say we are eligible to earn through the games if everyone of us can connect our metamask wallet or any wallet in the game to earn? Is there any token that will be sent in our wallet to be able to play games and earn?

  • Once downloaded, you can open the settings screen of the game and click the Infinite Arcade button in order to connect your wallet. We will utilize Wallet Connect to support users using a multitude of different wallet applications, but would suggest Metamask as this is currently the most popular. You need to be connected to the Polygon Mainnet.
  • Once the wallet is connected, we will perform an automatic search for any of the IA NFTs which either belong to that wallet, or have been associated with the connected wallet. Providing there is at least one NFT, the user will then be able to play viable games with the play-and-earn model. Rewards earned are visible in game, and are automatically payed to Managers and Scholar on their payout day.

If the game is also connected to the Polygon network, does it mean that it will also have gas fees or transaction fees?

  • No, the games only read from the blockchain and therefore there are no fees for the user when they play the game.

Can you tell us more about the tokenomics of the game?

  • The economy has 3 main levers:
    • TIC token as the utility token
    • ARC token as the governance token
    • IA NFTs which are NFTs that are summonable (breedable)

Since infinite arcade has 200 in made games does this also mean that there will be a variety of tokens?

  • We are planning for a dual token economy with TIC and ARC. We might add more in the future but it's not in the short-term plan. The beauty of it is TIC and ARC tokens will have utility across all of these games which is quite unique.

Just like other NFT and P2E games, does infinite arcade come with a marketplace and can we use the tokens to buy some items on the market?

  • Yes, this is in the roadmap. We are working on our own marketplace where you can buy and sell NFTs, and even creators can create their own NFTs. There will be game items and consumables coming down the line as well which will be tradable within the marketplace.

When it comes to earnings, token prices have a huge effect on them. Can the price of tokens used in Infinite Arcade change too?

  • As with any other project, our tokens will be launched on various DEXs. Primarily we are looking to launch on Quickswap as the first DEX.
  • So, the market will determine the price of the token according to the supply and demand balance as well as the liquidity.
  • With that said, we have a solid plan in place to make sure we have multiple areas to balance the supply and demand, stabilising the price of the TIC token.

Are there any burning mechanisms to balance the supply?

  • Yes! The main ones which will be live at or near the time of launch are: Summoning, Buyback system, No Ads Subscription and Paid tournaments.
  • Plus, we have 40+ ideas in our pipeline which we will share and get feedback from all of you in the future.

Can we play your games in an emulator? (i.e.Bluestacks)

  • Yes

Can infinite arcade be played on 2 different devices with the same metamask/ 1 device with 2 metamask?

  • Yes, but you need to have different NFTs

Will there be a banning system in the Infinite Arcade?

  • Yes, we are working out the fine details but those trying to exploit the system will have a penalty.

How do you ensure that our metamask wallet is safe to the IA applications?

  • Most interaction is signing for proof of identity ie login. Transactions where the user send value to us are limited and we will use security best practices and smart contracts to ensure this. We have an experienced team that has maintained highly secure applications and we monitor and improve this security constantly. Security is the top priority.

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