How to Buy Infinite Arcade


How to Buy Infinite Arcade

The Infinite Arcade presale takes place on the Polygon mainnet. In order to purchase your Infinite
Arcade NFT you will need to use wETH for the purchase and MATIC for the gas fees.

1. Using Polygon

Firstly you need to make sure that your wallet is connected to Polygon. We suggest using Metmask and will use this for our examples.

You can check if you already have this added to your Metamask by checking the chains you have.


If you don’t already have Polygon you can add one of the two ways listed below:

A. Visit and follow the steps below:

23522352 23522352

B. Alternatively, visit and follow the steps below:

23522352 23522352 23522352

Once you have established you either have the Polygon network available or you have added it, select Polygon from the network dropdown and carry on to step 2.

2. Getting MATIC

You can purchase MATIC from any of the big exchanges and transfer this to your wallet on the Polygon network. We suggest you have at least 0.1 MATIC to pay for the gas fees. You will need more for purchasing wETH.


If you already have MATIC on the Ethereum network, you can bridge this with the link below, however, bridging can come with higher fees and added wait time.

3. Getting weth

Be sure to check the price of the Infinite Arcade NFTs and get the appropriate amount of wETH. We recommend 0.1 wETH.

Once you have your wallet on Polygon and you have some MATIC, you need to purchase some wETH. If you have wETH on the Ethereum network, you can also bridge this across with the link below, however, as mentioned previously, bridging comes with higher fees and wait time.

The easiest way to get wETH is to use a DEX like and swap some MATIC for wETH. Please note Quickswap simply call wETH ETH, if you search for ETH on Quickswap, you will then be able to swap some MATIC for ETH on the Polygon network.

  1. If you click the plus symbol next to ETH, this will also add the token so that it appears in the assets of your wallet, you would have to manually add this otherwise.
  2. Click Add Token button
  3. Set the amount of MATIC you want to swap, ensure you always have some MATIC in your wallet to pay for gas.
  4. Finally swap your tokens and once the transaction has confirmed, you should then see the wETH balance in your wallet.

4. Purchasing your NFT

You have now completed all the necessary steps to get your hands on the Infinite Arcade NFTs.

You can now visit, ensure you are on the Polygon network.

Click the Purchase Pre-sale button and once you have confirmed the transaction, you will now have your Infinite Arcade NFT!


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