Gamer, welcome to the Infinite Arcade.

From taking your first steps seeking out a ball, to late nights with friends playing the latest strategy game, you have created and played games your whole life. But now, you seek something bigger; it’s time to adventure beyond.

You are now in the Infinite Arcade. A multiverse of game arcades that stretch to infinity. You are here because you are in search of the most coveted prize: choice.

Whether you can bend your mind to the most difficult puzzles, create worlds of make believe that envy best selling novelists, or are an asset in combat; we have something for you.

Here you are challenged to use your skills, honed over many years, to look beyond simply competing and winning and feed your sense of curiosity with something different.

We offer more than a challenge, we offer real rewards beyond points and credibility among friends.

Welcome to a multiverse of arcades, loaded with games from the most creative minds in the world. Limitless in choice and opportunity, a playground for you and your comrades to explore anytime, anywhere.

Welcome to a community, a ragtag group of gamers who are looking for more than the everyday, who expect more from their gaming experiences, who value choice over the ordinary, who want to make gaming more accessible for anyone who wants to take part.

Welcome to the Infinite Arcade.

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