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Platform: Infinite Arcade (IA) is a platform which allows developers and creators to connect with players in a marketplace. Users can own part of the ecosystem and gain from it’s growth, as well as be rewarded for their time spent in the game and contribution to the community.

IA provides a platform to game developers which enables them to introduce true ownership and play-and-earn (P2E) opportunities to their player base. This applies to existing and new games with a simple SDK integration, removing the need to redesign games with complicated NFT-based economies or interact with blockchain technology.

IA’s launch partner Coda already has an existing network of 15k studios of which some of them have already agreed to put their content on Infinite Arcade’s platform. Rather than offering one game, Infinite Arcade will offer a fast growing supply of casual gaming content. This approach could be taught as a play-and-earn version of Apple Arcade with an existing economic and community layer that studios can easily tap into.

Token of Infinite Choice - $TIC: Developers can join the Infinite Arcade by integrating the SDK in their games and to begin allowing their players earn the in-game token $TIC. Earnings are only available to players who hold Infinite Arcade NFTs. The simplicity of the proposition lies therein that the IA NFTs do not require a specific function or utility in the game, they are designed to serve predominantly as access tokens which enable players to unlock the P2E mode in any given game. The games continue to be free to play games, thus bringing these two worlds together seamlessly.

Any NFT creator can participate in the marketplace: IA provides a marketplace for creators (artists and game studios alike) where they can create and sell NFTs that serve as access tokens for the Infinite Arcade. These NFTs come inherently with yield for owners, and serve as a gateway to an increasing pool of content from the best minds. IA will launch with a genesis collection called Gamers, who will be the first participants in this new world. Creators can design NFTs that hold special functionality in specific games, opening up possibilities for all game design to flourish on IA. It is envisioned that IA will be accessible to holders of NFT’s from other projects (e.g. collections available on OpenSea or certain assets on the Sandbox) via partnerships that incentivize players and creators of these ecosystems to participate in IA.

Community owned Arcades ensure decentralised discovery: Infinite Arcade is a collection of abstract Arcades, which are NFT based real estate like gateways. Arcades host games and charge studios for user growth. Arcades will increasingly serve as the primary discovery method for IA as they will be governed by the community that owns them and will drive discovery. By creating an incentive loop of owning and operating discovery at a community level, we seek to avoid the current hurdles of centralised inefficient game distribution such as the App Store.

Infinite Arcade is Free-to-Play and Play-and-Earn: Infinite Arcade is aimed at the largest player segment in the world, with over 2 billion players actively playing on mobile devices every month, the casual player. Hence, we aim to integrate IA into existing user behaviour in the most seamless and user friendly way possible. As a result, Infinite Arcade is not a virtual world with an actual visual presence where players are limited to one virtual world experience. Instead it is an experience which lives across thousands of games and is tied together through a meta layer. This is made up of the community and network of creators who share one native cryptocurrency based economy.

Infinite Arcade is an abstract part of the metaverse which connects individual mobile gaming applications. Players will interact with the marketplace on any device in a web environment, outside of the games. And those with NFTs can choose to enter the play-and-earn mode of these seemingly regular games by signing in with their wallets. Infinite Arcade games are compliant with platform policies and can continue to be monetized via traditional F2P methods, allowing developers to tap into the established F2P economy, whilst also enabling them to tap into the new paradigm with superior unit economics.

Infinite Arcade is designed to become the biggest web3 gaming onramp: Casual games, by their nature, are relatively temporary compared to other game genres which require deep commitment from its players. 2 billion people in the world choose to play low commitment games every month and over 1 million game creators globally work tirelessly to attract these audiences, although only 1 in a 1000 ever generates any meaningful earnings from their games. It is highly cumbersome for individual creators or studios to attract and retain a meaningful community for a single or handful casual games. Infinite Arcade provides the opportunity for developers to tap into an existing community that owns and governs the largest arcade in the metaverse, via ownership of the Infinite Arcade governance token ($ARC). Developers can still build and own their subcommunity, as they will be rewarded for the engagement and activity they trigger with their creations across all arcades.

In conclusion, Infinite Arcade provides a marketplace and platform for creators and game developers alike, allowing them to onboard, engage and reward masses of players in games that are currently in the market and as well as future games. Infinite Arcade is open to all developers and creators, without the need to adapt to new technologies or complicated game design. Infinite Arcade is the mass market evolution of early pioneers in the crypto gamings space. With the right incentive models, and highly accessible design of the ecosystem, we expect the Infinite Arcade community to be the largest web3 onramp for the billions of players with mobile devices across the globe.

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